- 2009, Comedy, Where There’s A Will. By Norman Robbins, Westmoors, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard
 - 2013, Comedy, Comedian, Stand up, The Greyhound, Rudy Hoffman


 - 2013, Writing, Lead, Tears of a Clown
 - 2014, Writing, Learning Circle


 - 2008, Film, The Boss, When The Lights Go Down, Burlomars Production, Colin Burden
 - 2004, Film, Prisoner/David 2002-2004, Bent, Channel 4 Films, Sean Mathias
 - 2002, Film, Brian Mechanic, Bright Young Things, Bright Young Things Ltd, Stephen Fry
 - 2000, Film, Vinny, Burn, Lappamay, Russell Mardell
 - 2009, Film, Pianist, Sadist, & Husband, Investigation, Experimentation, Amnon Ron
 - 2009, Film, Boiler Man, Boiler Room
 - 2015, Film, Rudey Hoffman, Learning Circle, RudeHill, Colin Burden


 - 2004, Television, Tony, Ben TV, Ben TV Ltd
 - 1990, Television, Comedian, Les Dawson, BBC Television, Stuart Morris


 - 2008, Commercial, Gallagher the son, The Funeral Ceremony, Wildfire Team, Pete Hibbit
 - 2007, Commercial, Guy 2, Inner Child Bournemouth Tourism, Wildfire Team, Pete Hibbit
 - 2006, Commercial, James, Sports Video: Angst, Pete Davies
 - 2004, Commercial, Lead, Toshiba, Zen Directions
 - 2003, Commercial, Victim, Accidents In Workplace, Reader's Digest


1987, Stage, Macbeth, Macbeth, Green Leaf
2000, Stage, Stand-up/Comedian 1988-2000, Pub, Club, Holiday Resort Entertainer, Various Companies, Paul Rudelhoff
2001, Stage, Len, Clubland: Roughtrade Monologue, Bootleg Theatre Company, Colin Burden
2002, Stage, Hammersmith, Cool Blokes: Decent Suits, Bootleg Theatre Company, David Goodland
2006, Stage, Jasper/Butler, The Edwardian Seaside, Bournemouth Theatre In Education, Sharon Muiriri
2009, Stage, Where there's a will, Westmoors Drama, Paul Rudelhoff
2009, Stage, The X Factor - Ian Hornby, Westmoors Drama, Co-Directed Paul Rudelhoff/Jane Hilliard
2009, Stage, Producer, Girls Allowed - Manchester, Bootleg Theatre Company, Colin Burden
2010, Stage, Watercolour Weekend By Brian Langtry, Westmoors Drama, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard.
2010, Stage, Kindly Keep It Covered By Dave Freeman, Westmoors Drama, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard
2011, Stage, Murder In Play By Simon Brett, Westmoors Drama, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard
2011, Stage, Darling You Kill Me {Where There’s A Will} By Ian Hornby, Westmoors Drama, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard
2010, Stage, Producer, Gils Allowed, Bootleg Theatre Company, Colin Burden
2012, Stage, Holiday Snaps, West Moors, Paul A. J. Rudelhoff
2012, Stage, The Finish Line., West Moors, Paul A. J. Rudelhoff
2013, Stage, Writer, The Finish Line, West-Moors, Paul Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard

Voice Over

2008, Voice Over, Racing Commentator, Commercial, Fitness First

Further Credits

2014, Role Play, Lead, Tears of a Clown


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Between 2010 to 2016 inclusive. Paul did a Wide range of work both in front of Camera and behind on stage and Directing and writing both short and long for Stage and Screen.

2009. Paul Directed a play called 'Where There's a Will' written by Norman Robbins.
2010. 'Watercolour Weekend' A play Directed & Produced by Paul & Jane Hilliard
2011. Darling You Kill Me. Produced & Directed by Paul Rudelhoff & Shelly Seager.
2011. Paul had an idea for a short Play which he co wrote with Jane Hilliard.Called'Just Pretend'.
2012. Paul Co-Produced and Directed Holliday Snaps a 2 Hour Play.
With his writing partner Jane Hilliard. For West Moors Drama society.
2012. Paul Co/Wrote-Directed-Produced & Performed & had Published'The Finish Line'.
Released To Coincide with the Olympics. A Comedy with Jane Hilliard.
2013 to 2016. Paul wrote a Premise for a 9 minuet silent film called Learning Circle. Acted & Directed by Paul. A. J. Rudelhoff & Colin Burden.

Paul Organised the films every step of the way.He put his own money to finance This short film that went on to win 9 awards.For his acting he received "A Best Shorts completion award" Called "The Gold Award of Merit" Laurel For Leading Actor. He also won a Medal of honour in Humanity "Humanitarian Award"

2014 to 2015. Paul Co/Wrote-Directed-Produced & Performed. 'Play Safe' And they Published it in 2016.
2015. Paul A J Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard wrote 'Minnows' A short film Paul will Co/Direct and Act in.
To be shot in 2017 about 2 Gangsters out of there depth ina Ladies Tearoom. (small fish in a big tea room)
2016. Paul & Jane are currently writing a play ‘GRANDMA’S SECRET’ (working title) idea of Jane's Co/written by Paul A J Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard. Perform & Publish it end of 2016.
2017. Paul has written and wants to perform 'Tears of a Clown'First half is a One man The stand up.Second half is set in the comedians dressing room.So begins his downward spiral.